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Our Services

No fluff. Just plain Simple. We are Charleston's Largest Domain Naming Service and Web Hosting Provider.

WebSite Hosting

We run special high-power servers for your hosting needs. Each server as a core is a Dell PowerEdge with 24 core Xeon CPUs, 32GB+ RAM, and RAID 10 hard drives. With our Juniper/Cisco network, they deliver fast, reliable, secure hosting like never before.

Domain Names

Your search for the perfect Domain Names begins with iGateway MS. We currently have 90+ domain extensions to include TLDs such as .PHOTOGRAPHY, .DANCE, .BUZZ, .BLUE, .PUB.

SSL Certificates

Security and trust are essential. Doing business online without SSL protocols can hurt your reputation, and website security is a must at all times. Maintain a secure website with daily security scans and add trust seals to your site, so your customers know they are safe shopping with you.

Secure & Reliable Servers

The iGateway MS servers provide high physical security and power redundancy. Your data will be secure with us.

Super Fast Hosting

We use modern servers and optical cables to transfer data at light speeds; end users receive the data in milliseconds.

Customer Support 24/7

We have a dedicated team for sales and support to help you. Contact us anytime 24/7/365. We make the Web work!

Search for Premium Quality Domain Names?

Our Pricing

Get FREE**Free Domain Name Registration applies to the following extensions only: .com, .net, .me, .org, .us, .info Domain Name Registration on Web Hosting packages and over $190 worth of Free Services included with every domain name registered!

Starting At $10

Domain Names

In Charleston, searching for your Domain Names begins with the iGateway MS domain name checker. Every domain name you register receives over $190 worth of free services.

Starting At $20

Web Hosting

Personal Websites, Blogs, Small Business: ALL CONTENT GOES HERE! Your new website.

FREE**Free Domain Name Registration applies to the following extensions only: .com, .net, .me, .org, .us, .info Domain Name Registration on all Web Hosting packages.

Special Price Call

Web Site Design

Our teams of design specialist design the perfect website for your needs.

Local 1.843.310.2700

Toll Free 1.877.604.2404

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Services Included

Providing excellent hosting services, we utilize some of the most powerful technologies and software to keep your website online.

Our Features

You will get lot of features with iGateway MS

Instant Setup

As soon as you SIGN UP, your account will be activated immediately. No waiting time whatsoever.

Constant Backups

Daily backups are standard with our backup integration. We use dedicated backup servers, providing fast & easy individual file rollback abilities on all hosting accounts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing Tools

All of our hosting accounts are complete with Attracta®, the World's Largest SEO Service.

Your SEO and Marketing Tools help you optimize your website to show up in Google and the other leading search engines and can help drive traffic to your site.

"We highly recommend that you use these Free SEO Tools to increase your search traffic." -Customer Service

Softaculous Auto Installer

Our hosting accounts with Softaculous allow you to install popular software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and hundreds more in one easy step, and upgrading the software is just as easy!

This leading Auto Installer comes with 413 great scripts and adding more. Visit Softaculous for more information.

Site Publisher

You can use the Site Publisher interface to create a website from a set of available templates. Allow visitors to see some basic information while you continue to develop your site.

cPanel or Plesk for site management

All of our hosting accounts are complete with the latest version of cPanel or Plesk, the leading control panels which allow you to manage your content, databases, email and FTP accounts. The cPanel & Plesk software packages are easy-to-use and give website owners the ability to quickly and easily manage their websites.


The latest stable and secure versions of MySQL & PHP are standard on our networks. We also implement strict security and firewall rules protecting your website from unwanted visitors 24/7.

24/7/365 Support

iGateway MS maintains high standards in customer services and supports help backed by a superior Quality Policy and Hosting Guarantee. That is why "Quality Services is Job One!"

30 Day Guarantee

At IGMS, we perform our due diligence and operate with prudent risk management to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. This pledge includes fast, friendly, reliable and secure services backed by exceptional support and a 30-day money back guarantee.

99.9% Uptime

Maintaining Downtime less than 16 hours in any calendar year meaning Uptime is more than 99%. See How iGateway MS can claim 99.9% uptime.