Trademarks seen throughout the iGateway MS Network and services.

  • cPanel, WebHost Manager, WHM and the cPanel logo are trademarks of cPanel Inc.
  • Apple, Mac, and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple, Inc.
  • The camel image is a registered trademark of O'Reilly Media, Inc. Used with permission.
  • ClamAV is a trademark of Sourcefire, Inc.
  • FrontPage, Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and Windows 8 are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation
  • Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds
  • MySQL and the MySQL Logo are registered trademarks of MySQL AB in the United States, the European Union, and other countries.
  • SpamAssassin is a trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

All rights reserved ©

iGateway MS is not in a position to arbitrate trademark disputes between the users and advertisers on our network and trademark owners. Accordingly, we encourage trademark owners to resolve their disputes directly with the user and advertisers, particularly because the advertisers may have similar advertisements on other sites. Similarly, our network does not control and assumes no responsibility for content that appears on a third party's website that may be accessed via the IGMS Network; furthermore, trademark owners should contact third-party sites directly to resolve trademark disputes.

As a courtesy to federally registered trademark owners, however, we are willing to perform a limited investigation of reasonable complaints.

If you are an owner of a registered trademark (or represent an owner of a registered trademark) and have an objection to content corresponding to your trademark on our Network that is consistent with the foregoing, or if you believe that we have improperly used your registered trademark to promote our Network on a third-party website, please provide the following information in a signed letter on company stationery:

1) Name of Company

2) Contact information (including email address)

3) List of registered trademark(s) at issue including a copy of each relevant federal trademark registration certificate(s)

4) The identity of the advertisement(s) at issue (via the URL stated on the bottom line of the ad or other identifying information). Please indicate if your complaint is limited to specific advertisers/advertisements or if it is a general objection to all advertisers.

5) If certain affiliates or partners are permitted to use your trademark in their ad content, please list the company names in your letter.

6) Include the following statement: "I have a good faith belief that use of the trademarks described above with the advertisements described above are not authorized by the owner of marks or its agent, nor is such use otherwise permissible under law."

7) Include the following statement: "I represent that the information in this notification is accurate and correct and that I am authorized to act on behalf of the trademark owner."

8) Your signature (digital signature)

The notice should be sent to

iGateway MS - internet gateway management systems via fax to Fax Number: 1-888-832-2976 (Attn: Copyright Agent) -or- via email to

Upon receipt of notice as described above, our network confirms the existence of the federal registration of the trademark in question and takes whatever action, in its sole discretion, it deems appropriate, including removal of the challenged content from our Network. In the event that the challenged content has been provided to our network by a third party and in our network's sole discretion, we conclude that the content is identical to the registered mark and is used in connection with goods and/or services covered by the trademark owner's federal registration, our network provides to notice to the third party prior to any removal of content. If before such removal, the third party demonstrates that it has its trademark registration or approved trademark application covering the challenged content, our network will not remove the content.

Notwithstanding the preceding, IGMS complies as appropriate with the terms of any court order relating to the behavior of the challenged party identified in such court order.

Please refer to the Copyright Policy for copyrights:

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