Registering as a new client

Register with iGateway MSWelcome New Comers!


If you are new to our site, please have a look around. We want your experience to be delightful. If you feel we are a great fit for your needs we have a simple registration process using the one-page form here.


Required fields:

  • First and Last name
  • Address to include street, city, state, zip code and proper country selection.
  • Phone Number
  • Password and confirm the password. These two fields must match.
    • Tips for a good password
      • Use both upper and lowercase characters
      • Include at least one symbol (# $ ! % & etc...)
      • Don't use dictionary words
  • Choose a security question and enter your answer.
      • Why security questions? Setting a security question will provide extra security, as all changes to your account require providing the additional information from your question. (PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF YOUR ANSWER. SAVE IT TO A SAFE PLACE FOR REFERENCE WHEN NEEDED. WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION YOU CAN LOSE ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNT, AND SLOWER METHODS OF VERIFICATION WILL BE IN NEED)
  • Check the check box stating you have read and agreed to our terms of service. (Check the check box by clicking it.)

iGateway MS registration form

Once you complete the form, click Register at the bottom. An email will arrive in your inbox shortly afterwards to confirm your registration to complete the process.


That is it. You are now registered, and you will receive a confirmation email containing the details of your new account with us. (PLEASE SAVE THIS TO A SAFE PLACE)

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