.TECH Most Popular!

.TECH will be the premier destination for innovators and leaders in the technology industry. Companies in fields ranging from software and hardware to consumer electronics and industrial technology will use .TECH to connect with their customers and become thought leaders in their industry.


The place where engineers and engineering companies can be found by prospective clients, employers, and other engineers. Examples include: Electrical.Engineer, YourName.Engineer, and FindA.Engineer


An action-oriented TLD for startups and other technology companies that want a clever domain name customers will remember. Examples include: Innovative.Technology, BrandNew.Technology, and CuttingEdge.Technology.


A .COMPUTER domain will make computer retailers, hardware companies, and computer service providers like repair shops clearly defined and easy to find by customers. Examples include: Fast.Computer, TheBest.Computer, and QuickFix.Computer


The ideal place to be seen for research institutions, informative topical sites, and individual scientists. Examples of .SCIENCE domain names include: Computer.Science, Physics.Science, SpaceResearch.Science, and YourName.Science.

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