.ROCKS - the new way to express your enthusiasm. What gets your adrenaline pumping? Concerts, rock climbing, or even making jewelry? Whatever you’re passionate about, shout it out to the online crowd with a ROCKS domain name. Picture it: yourwebsite.rocks

.ROCKS Vision

The new .ROCKS TLD is for everyone who loves something cool and wants to get behind it publicly.

Check out any fan page on Facebook and you’ll find thousands of .ROCKS stars. From fab foodies to weird celebrity crushes, holiday destinations to neighborhood restaurants, if something can be measured on a scale of one to ten, .ROCKS sets it firmly at eleven. When someone says something rocks, they’re not whispering in the dark. Rocks and the new .ROCKS TLD is all about standing up in public and showing your support by proclaiming it rocks!

The new .ROCKS TLD is for people bristling with energy and enthusiasm. Sociable sorts, who want nothing more than the world to share in – or at least know about – their passion.

They like to be appreciated for what they appreciate. From aspiring hipsters, chuffed to be first to find the latest band (before they’re even a thing), to sports nuts who believes the world needs one more ‘World’s Biggest Jets Fan’.

It’s not all music and sports, though. The .ROCKS TLD is also perfect for hobby-lovers looking to share their skills and achievements with like-minded enthusiasts. People who feel deeply about a charity or cause can also turn to .ROCKS to let the world know exactly what floats their boat. Essentially, .ROCKS is about passion, and for passionate people, generous with their enthusiasm, knowledge and joy.

It goes without saying, individuals will love to rock, whether famous or wannabe. Reflecting the rebellious streak that marks out .ROCKS, there is no common denominator, no one-size-fits-all. The general public, celebrities, sports stars and bands will flock – but so too will many other individuals who see themselves as poking their heads above the parapet.

Rocks tells how we roll!

Rocks as a word is booming! It’s used to applaud bands, festivals, and even subscription services; hobbyists, from knitters to kayakers, steampunkers to bikers; celebrity culture-vultures to those hunting for fame.

The music industry, the origin of Rocks, is thriving too. Online subscription services are growing rapidly and ad-supported streaming services now make up 20% of digital revenues worldwide. Brazil, India and Mexico have emerged with the fastest rocking revenue growth on the planet.

Sports too is somewhere where passion unbound abounds in virtually all arenas, with participants and supporters alike likely to gravitate to the TLD that expresses their belief in their team. Tigers Rocks! Cleveland Curlers Rocks! Denver Dodgeball Rocks! Oh, and of course, .ROCKS Rocks!

Premium Domains

The new .ROCKS TLD offers incredible opportunities at a premium level. Let’s face it, if you’re not there, you’re square. A combination of a name with .ROCKS helps build brands, enthusiasm and attract fans and customers. Considering the size of the potential market, premium domains mean huge revenue generation opportunities.



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Key Figures

600,000+ Fan pages on Facebook

8 million bands listed and active on MySpace

60,438 results for rocks on Linkedin

124,428 results for geologist on Linkedin

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Slam your passion up to eleven with a .ROCKS domain. It might be music. It could be boarding. It may even be stamp collecting. Whatever your passion, as player or fan, express it to the max with a .ROCKS domain and email address. Just seize the day and grab the domain. However you choose to roll, let'em know you rock!