Gaming .NINJA

The .NINJA Advantage

It’s Versatile

A TLD as fun as .NINJA will appeal to a wide audience across various industries and demographics. It will give individuals and businesses the opportunity to show off their humor, passion and skill in a completely new way.

Consumer Interest

Consumers will be intrigued by the novelty of a .ninja domain. .NINJA has the potential to ignite interest in the gTLD program as a whole, boosting domain registrations across the board.

Value Added Services

With such widespread appeal many people who register a .NINJA domain won’t have the technical skill or time to dedicate to building a website from scratch. As a result, value added services like hosting, site builder tools, and email from iGateway MS are a natural fit for these markets.

.NINJA: The Rise of the Supergeek

From secretive 14th century Japanese super-assassins to the coolest beings on the planet, the ninja has ducked and dived through the past 700 years.

The myth grew through popular literature over the years, and these enigmatic agents abandoned stealth mode and hit the big screen in a big way in the late sixties, alongside Bond, and the small screen with Bruce Lee and the Green Hornet. They have been a mainstay of Hollywood ever since, most recently re-imagined as The Dark Knight.

Back in the 60s, popular culture began to embrace the mystical East, and ninja skills comfortably combined macho with philosopher in one mysterious package. Roll-on half a century, and the frontier Internet became the new battleground, designed, controlled and lorded over by ‘The Geeks’. The Noughties also saw the explosion of comic culture, with franchise after franchise not only hitting the big screen but also hitting the spot with mass audiences.

Soon, to be a geek, a coder, a dot com millionaire was to be cool. And the greatest of the geeks came to identify – through that comic culture - with the intuitive skills, training, dedication, and single-mindedness of the ninja. Today, to be a ninja is to be the quickest and the best, but with a twist of humor, a sliver of self-deprecation, and a deep appreciation of ones own skills.

It is into this modern arena .NINJA steps. Poised to be the badge of honor for this and future generations of ubergeeks, redefining themselves as masters of their art, code-warriors, perfectionists, adrenaline junkies, the brightest and boldest. With the skills and determination to see it, whatever it might be, through to the finish.

And don’t forget December 5th:National Ninja Day!

The modern and fun expert. Get a .NINJA web address!

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Backpacking NINJA. The modern and fun expert.

Marketing Opportunities

United TLD is committed to building the .NINJA brand through a series of marketing programs, partnerships and outreach initiatives.


  1. Partner with relevant brands, media outlets and tastemakers to create brand awareness and market visibility.
  2. Create high visibility website and social strategy to promote registrations.
  3. Seek out event and sponsorship opportunities within gaming and extreme sport communities.
  4. Advertise and retarget on domain-related properties.
The modern and fun expert. Get a .NINJA web address!
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