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.tattoo & .ink gTLDs are now available for instant registration

Don’t miss this time-sensitive opportunity to secure your company name and relevant keywords with the most colorful new TLD. What you see when you think of ink will vary greatly but will nonetheless revolve around creation, messaging, and artistic and professional roles.

Why .INK is better.

Value Proposition

The .ink domain name promises a creative edge and clear marketing opportunity that represents the artist or shop's work. Simply put, ink is a lifestyle for these folks and a .ink domain name is a natural choice for them.

In some instances they may be able to incorporate the name of the business in a way that spans the “.” dot. So, a studio called “Rose City Ink” can become An artist can utilize to highlight their personal portfolio. Too many shops currently settle for Facebook and Instagram accounts to publicize themselves, but we expect to see a high number of converts to .ink given the trendiness associated with such a specific and compelling new TLD. Given that Facebook is quickly becoming too ubiquitous to be cool and Instagram does not lend itself to business inquiries, we will be active in selling .ink as the new destination for tattoo artists, studios, publications, and enthusiasts.

It is true that there is also a .tattoo new TLD, but we think that most from within this target market will respond more positively with the term “ink” over the more dated “tattoo,” especially in American markets. Tattoo is also not as intuitive as it may seem given that it is difficult to spell. The term “ink” is recognized throughout English speaking parts of Europe, and while not as universally understood abroad, it continues to solidify its standing as a more modern and sexy term. Foreign trend-setters and those that keep up with American culture and developments know what “ink” is. Furthermore, even shops that use the term tattoo, say “Rose City Tattoo,” should secure a name to align themselves within the vertical market.


For those involved in American tattoo culture, the term “ink” has been an important part of the shared lexicon for years.

It is also recognized in popular culture due to the immense popularity of reality shows that focus on ink, such as “Ink Masters,” “Black Ink Crew,” “Bad Ink,” “Best Ink,” and the many city-centric shows that followed the popular “Miami Ink,” such as “L.A. Ink,” “London Ink,” “N.Y. Ink” and “Madrid Ink.” The word “ink” is generally seen as more relevant than “tattoo” to those that live and work around ink everyday - and it is easier to spell for those searching the Internet!

The tattoo world's very lifeblood is ink - and it is only fitting that this dynamic, creative group is given their own top-level domain.

“Ink” is ubiquitous American slang for “tattoo” that continues to gain ground abroad. Not only is it shorter and easier to spell than tattoo, it is just cooler and more relevant for the ink artists and enthusiasts that support this culture.

Securing and using a .ink domain name for a shop, artist, or production company means clearly and progressively labeling yourself for your clients and the industry to see. Many ink shops will be able to “span the dot” if their name ends in “Ink” (i.e., Rose City Ink belongs at, and others will be able to clearly underline their core business. Ink artists will be able to post their work and support customer interaction at Ink magazines, apparel, pigment and ink producers, and others will want to identify themselves alongside their peers and customers on .ink.

Printer & Ink Industries

Printer ink, ink manufacturing, business printing, and the related fields remain huge businesses, both as brick and mortar stores and online outlets for the best deals on ink and printing. They are exploding in developing markets and continue to grow through greater technological and production improvements in developed markets.

Ink is a core medium for all types of businesses and arts, and there is a wide world of ink manufacturers and distributors related to inks and specialty dyes that will be able to more clearly and succinctly address their vertical market with a .ink TLD.

Ink is a core medium for all types of businesses and arts, and there is a wide world of ink manufacturers and distributors related to inks and specialty dyes that will be able to more clearly and succinctly address their vertical market with a .ink TLD.

The .ink TLD will open up new possibilities for both brick and mortar stores and online outlets. It will be the place you find your neighborhood printing store and the extension where you buy discounted ink cartridges. Those companies involved in printing and ink have a clear and exciting opportunity for new business development - .ink!

Bloggers, Artists, & Creatives

The .ink TLD will appeal to an unstructured group of artists, designers, and creatives involved in ink based passions, such as drawing, painting, and calligraphy, in addition to writing, blogging, and publishing.

For some, this association may be more romantic and clever than explicit, such as bloggers and writers putting their “ink” to a page by publishing on a .ink site. For visual artists and designers, this connection will be both thematic and inspired.

There are simply very few new TLDs that are as interesting and unique as .ink. We expect a discerning and imaginative group of online creators and thinkers to be drawn to showcase themselves and their work on .ink sites.

There may be hundreds of new TLDs coming out, but there is only one that taps into the unique potential of artists, writers, bloggers, and other creatives - .ink - which is for anyone that has ever dared to doodle.

New art forms have been born through technological advances and others have moved away from traditional mediums like pen and paper. With .ink, artists of all types can make a clever and inspired reference to the importance of the creative process. Many bloggers, designers, and others that traditionally work via computers start by journaling or sketching, and so they can more romantically associate themselves with the act of writing and drawing with a .ink TLD. Writers can make a clever reference to their passion (and its not-forgotten handwritten form) via .ink. Ink and paper producers and publishers can connect with their audiences and artists can showcase their portfolios on .ink.

.INK Live in full color. Instant registration now open.

Printer & Ink Industries VP

The .ink TLD is a clear label for the printing and ink vertical markets; those that have existing sites in .com and elsewhere should think beyond just protecting their names and consider new sites and outreach opportunities available through .ink.

Category killer SLDs will be huge, such as,, etc. Leaders in specific areas and types of printing, inks, and production will want to build new content on Geographic SLDs, such as, will highlight small businesses and the shop local movements. Major corporations producing inks will want to highlight their core business on .ink.


The .ink TLD is one of the most creative uses of the new TLD landscape - promising to bring a memorable, succinct, and unique name to many types of producers and artists. It spans a variety of interests, from tattooing to corporate printing and ink manufacturing, but there is an undeniable shared interest in bringing more inspired art and communication to the world.

The TLD is being supported by Top Level Design LLC, which was founded with the express intent to run new domain registries. It is a family enterprise, with brothers-in-law Raymond King and Peter Brual at its helm. Raymond is a well-known entrepreneur with experience in domain names and Peter is an experienced executive and investor. Both have close ties to the arts and are excited for .ink become the Internet's most imaginative and original destination.

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