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Score big with .FUTBOL

Show your true colors and passion with a .FUTBOL domain



.Futbol is set to become the hub for fans, players, clubs and brands and here's your chance to make your pitch and grab a piece of .FUTBOL.

The Futbol Opportunity - learn more!
.FUTBOL Domain Names for TRUE FANS


TLDs - or Top Level Domains - are the words that appear to the right hand side of the dot in a website addresses. They act a bit like your city name in your home address. They are the places where lots of different things are arranged on the Internet. Now, how we use these TLDs is changing to make it easier to set up shop, find things and navigate on the web. New, more focused TLDs are joining the older .com and .net addresses. Futbol is one of these new TLDs. It's an online place for Spanish-speaking fans, players, clubs and associated companies to come together to share their passion for the beautiful game.


Futbol is a phenomenon like nothing else. It divides families, friends and countries - and yet unites them all in the love of the beautiful game. It's estimated there are three billion active fans worldwide, with hundreds of millions of players - both amateur and professional - along with countless associated support staff. It's massive business - and teams and players are courted by politicians and revered in the media. Big brand endorsement deals run in the millions for individual players at the top of their game and these heroes gain immortality, not just among their fan base but worldwide. Yet futbol is a grassroots game too. Millions of us throw on a pair of boots once a week and take to a pitch somewhere - be it a beach, a park or school ground. And for those of us less fit or motivated, supporting our team from the sidelines is equally fun. All these people are looking to voice their passion, skills, loyalty and support. Futbol just found its place.

Get yourself on the playing field

The world's biggest playing field

Futbol fans are, well, fanatical about the game. And nowhere is the passion more obvious than in Spanish-speaking countries. .FUTBOL is the new TLD that can give you access to these fervent players, teams, fans and brands both on and off the pitch!


As the biggest sport in South America, there are 330,000 registered players in Argentina alone and fans estimated in the millions. In fact, in Spain, FC Barcelona counts their fan base at 44,500,000!


In July 2014, the World Cup kicked off in Brazil, which means things, were already heating up in Latin America. Futbol, never far from fans' minds, in firmly on the agenda, meaning now's the time to score big with the valuable, memorable .FUTBOL domain!


.FUTBOL is set to become the hub for fans, players, clubs and brands and here's your chance to make your pitch and grab a piece of .FUTBOL.

The Opportunity: Why sign to .FUTBOL?

The word futbol is focused. It's an energetic term, attractive for fans, existing teams and organizations already online. It will appeal to registered adult players from a large, ready-to-go market. We're speaking to a significant percentage of the 420 million population of the Spanish-speaking world who are passionate about their game.

The potential .FUTBOL market includes:

  • Professional teams and staff
  • Adult amateur teams and players
  • Passionate futbol fans
  • School (K12) teams, youth teams and participants
  • Sports equipment retailers
  • Publishers of futbol related content

.FUTBOL for Everyone

Get teamed-up with your own personalized .FUTBOL domain


Get your club on the .FUTBOL playing field


Showcase your skills, passion and career with .FUTBOL


Show your colors with .FUTBOL


Show your true colors and passion with a .FUTBOL domain


Get on the largest possible playing field and reach more fans

Media Companies

Attract futbol fans to interact with your content


Create affinity with teams, players and fans in the Spanish-speaking world

Match your brand and campaign with the perfect domain name for a winning team


Registrars - Get on the playing field

Resellers - Score big with futbol fans, players and teams

Get a .FUTBOL domain name today!
Man showing excitement for the new .futbol domain

BIG SCORES: Premium Names

Futbol is massive worldwide, and nowhere more so than the Spanish-speaking world. There are amazing opportunities for premium domains - .FUTBOL combined with Geo-locations, sports, commerce and service-related terms. We believe Geo-locations, particularly, are going to be huge - even with non- Spanish-speaking fans.


Top Spanish cities:,

Top Spanish-speaking nationalities:,,

Top international cities with major soccer teams:,,,,


Top horizontal generics/commerce:,,

Top product categories:,,


Top generic and soccer terms:,,,,


Top consumer services:,,


Top media types:,,


Top Spanish-speaking players:,,

A .FUTBOL domain lets fans, clubs, teams, players and brands show their passion and support for the beautiful game. It's a place to let individuals and groups declare their allegiances, and will prove to be an attractive and trustworthy address for sellers.

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