.FAMILY Most Popular!

The .FAMILY TLD will be a place where families can come together with a website just for their family. With so many families now online, and more arriving each day, .FAMILY domains will go fast as each family tries to be the first to register their name. Examples of .FAMILY domains include Smith.Family, TheJohnsons.Family, and TalkToYour.Family.

.MOM available now

Mothers are among the fastest growing groups getting online today*. The .MOM TLD will be the place for moms to connect, share ideas, and get information on topics they care the most about. It will also be a place for people to purchase goods and services for their mothers. Examples include Social.Mom, GiftsFor.Mom, TalkTo.Mom.


With .KIDS, parents can keep the online experience of their children safe. Kids can safely learn, play games, and be a kid while parents can shop for child-related goods and services. The .KIDS TLD will be a safe place that’s all about kids. Examples include SafeBrowsing.Kids, LearningFor.Kids, GamesFor.Kids.


The baby search term is consistently among the most popular Web searches**. When .BABY launches, parents will have a tailored shopping experience for baby-related products and access resources to help them with the newest addition to their family. Some examples of .BABY include ShopFor.Baby, AllAbout.Baby, GetReadyFor.Baby.

.PET available now

In many homes, pets are considered part of the family. With .PET, families can get everything their furry friends need to be happy and healthy. Food, treats, toys, advice, and information will all be available through .PET. Examples include: CareForYour.Pet, FoodAndToysFor.Pet, TrainYour.Pet.

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