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Introducing .ACTOR

The new .ACTOR TLD, POWERED BY RIGHTSIDE™ REGISTRY, is an online space created specifically for professionals and passionate enthusiasts to express their talent, experience and deep love of acting. It's the place to be seen for anyone serious about the business or art of performance; who want to be recognized by their peers, potential employers and audiences alike. It's somewhere creativity, craft and talent can be respected, acknowledged and shared. It is also home to brands, organizations and institutions whose services appeal directly to the profession.

Like most professions, rapid development in technology over the last couple of decades has profoundly impacted the acting profession. New distribution channels and types of media have brought opportunity and also new challenges. The audience has become exponentially bigger, but also spread out more thinly than ever before. Digital content, downloading, streaming, mobile devices, broadband, TV and movies on demand are all changing how we interact with actors, and they too have had to change how they interact with us, the audience. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more online platforms now exist not as a stage from which actors can perform, but as intimate, in-the-round social spaces where the audience can get closer to the star than ever before.

The new age of online media means content is king, and a voracious public are demanding more and more. From back catalog to brand new ways of making content, actors are being seen more frequently on more devices.

For professionals and amateurs alike, managing their identity online is now as essential a part of the repertoire as a showreel or headshot once was. Given the unrelenting shift towards digital, making the most of a .ACTOR domain is one vital, full of impact, low-cost branding step for a professional's career or an enthusiast's passion.

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