Introducing .NINJA

Ninjas are everywhere.

The only reason you might not have noticed is because, well, they’re ninjas! From ancient Japan to modern Silicon Valley and beyond, ninjas have snuck up behind us, seized our collective imagination, and slain us with their cunning – and more recently, their smarts and energetic sense of humor.

From the early days of the Shinobi, Ninjas were a by-word for ingenuity, endurance, stealth, cleverness - and above all - getting the job done. Today, it’s these same Ninjtastic attributes that are attracting everyone from software developers to online gamers, furniture makers to beer fans.

Why be a .NINJA?

Simply put, it’s the coolest domain out there.

If you excel at something, if the Force is strong with you, whether for fun or for business, you need a .NINJA domain to showcase your boss level prowess.

The new .NINJA TLD, above all, appeals to experts, those who’ve honed their business weaponry over years, perfecting their art of war as top players in their field. They want people to know that, not only have they got game, but they’re also cool with it.

Ninja is a state of mind. To have a .NINJA domain is to tell the world that you consider yourself to be set-apart from the crowd. One of a band of brothers – or sisters – who strive for excellence, be it among a cadre of online gamers or motivational gurus, bicycle maintenance specialists or sandwich-makers.

And, hey, .NINJA is fun. It implies energy, charm, enthusiasm, and perfectionism in your work or in your play. It’s a way to flaunt your expertise without too much swagger.

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A .NINJA domain is honed for:

Individuals with ‘a certain set of skills’ or who compete in a specialized arena like ‘marketing ninjas’

Tech software and hardware developers and specialists


Artisan craftspeople or skilled repair specialists

These are just some of the groups who currently see themselves as ninjas, but the ninja philosophy spans an incredibly wide range of expertise.

.NINJA Premium Domain Names

Premium Domains

Premium .NINJA domains are a major opportunity with search aggregation, shopping engines and price comparison sites for experts in their fields all drawing in traffic.

Example .NINJAs


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Top NINJA categories and commerce:,,,,,


Top NINJA terms:,,,,,

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Grilling ninja with .NINJA

A .NINJA TLD is fun, focused, and full-on.

It carries an armory of specialized branding tools and opportunities for anyone wanting to be recognized for a special skill or passion. A .NINJA domain is a memorable, branded throwing star of a calling card for the widest range of skills, activities, and passion projects – and will be targeted as such.

Psssst! Are you a .NINJA?

Its a Deal! .NINJA is for ME.

Unleash your inner .NINJA

(swords, nunchucks and throwing stars optional)

Get your slice of a cool with a .NINJA domain name and email address. It’s the high-octane, ninjtastic place to be if you’re into showing off your skills. From martial artists to cupcake makers, parkours to photographers, if you do it better than anyone else, let people know and do it with a .NINJA domain.

To kick off, start here

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