We are announcing a new top level domain for everyone who loves blue: .BLUE. Now you can get yourname.BLUE as a website and email address because the .BLUE top level domain has just been approved! And EVERYONE is eligible.

Welcome to .BLUE!

Find out how your web presence can benefit from a .BLUE domain.

Like the sky above and sea below, the color blue is all around you ...and the .BLUE domain is here to let you tap into the warm feelings we all have about this special color.

.BLUE domains are available to everyone who loves the color blue or wants it to enhance their business or their brand.

.BLUE is the right choice for practically everyone; search above to find the .BLUE that will work for you or your business.

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.BLUE offers great benefits in a variety of uses:

  • .BLUE domains are perfect for organizations focused on water issues or for websites that seek to raise awareness of water conservation and clean drinking water solutions for people all over the world.
  • .BLUE domains are also perfect for weather tracking sites, blogs about meteorology or anything to do with the atmosphere.
  • The "men in blue" and all who support them can now have their own website in .BLUE! Show your support for our law enforcement heroes and those who supply them. Or, if you ARE a police department, brand your police website with a .BLUE domain.
  • Businesses with blue branding and logos benefit from a website with a .BLUE domain.
  • It's a boy! Tell the world with a custom website and a .BLUE domain.