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Let's Dance

A .DANCE domain offers amateur and professional dancers the perfect place for a social shindig.

Let's face it, having put in some many hours, so much blood, sweat and tears perfecting their art, it's only natural they'll want to share their moves with the largest possible audience.

Stop tap dancing around the thought of a new website and get your .dance domain today.

.DANCE - the home for dance online

There are hundreds of thousands of fans and amateurs expressing themselves through dance.

Get a .DANCE web address


For every professional dancer, there are hundreds of thousands of fans and amateurs expressing themselves through dance. However, it is the professionals who will help us get our fast-foot shuffling in the door.

A .DANCE domain gives professionals a place to be seen and to be found, driving a large part of the demand for this TLD. With .DANCE, they are showcasing their credentials, experience and contact details. Many will already be part of a professional association, and by taking on .DANCE they will encourage studios, enthusiasts and other dance-related groups to engage with this TLD.


Surefooted dance studios and schools should be early adopters. They have compelling business reasons to bring their brands online with a .DANCE web address. We realize many of them may not have significant web presence or be particularly internet savvy at the moment, but .DANCE offers them an easy, accessible and powerful way to step online without splashing too much cash.


Dance is more popular than ever before. Worldwide, television and Facebook reflect the trend with shows and fan sites dedicated to virtually every form of this physical expression. YouTube views and comments on dance are in the multiple millions and reflect the broader potential market for this domain. Domains featuring .DANCE will appeal to this larger, more fragmented audience by letting users aggregate and share their favorite dance content - as well as wear their passion on their virtual sleeve.


Dance is one of the most varied, beautiful and universal art forms in the world, but did you know it's also one of the best forms of exercise around?

This is one of the major ways professional dancers, studios and dance classes can appeal beyond the art form to the public at large. It's also one of the ways we can target our TLD to professionals, studios, classes - and indeed the enthusiastic amateur.

Ask any professional danseur or danseuse just how much of a work-out dance is and they'll be only too happy to tell you. Recent research suggests that an hour of full-on getting down and boogieing can burn between 500 and 700 calories. Which means a ballet dancer on stage for three plus hours exerts as much energy as if they'd run most of a full marathon, or played two full professional soccer matches back to back.

Indeed, dance as fitness is finding its feet in the world at large - with the like of Zumba. A .DANCE domain creates massive opportunities for dancers to reach out to the health conscious looking for more expressive was to keep fit.

So, where does that leave your part-time, Saturday Night Fever, little fish, big fish, and cardboard box brigade? Busting moves for a couple of hours with your friends in the local nightclub is about the same as a decent five mile walk. That's gotta be good for your fitness and your 'fit' levels. Let's face it, your best chance of pulling anything in the gym is probably your hamstring. Whereas, busting your best on the dance floor not only ditches the calories, but also forms an acceptable part of a mating ritual as old as time. Not to mention generating plenty of fodder for sharing on social media sites.

Reasons to adopt .DANCE

Like we said, dance is huge and the opportunities for online growth are enormous.

In fact, it's partly the social connectivity of the internet that has driven the passion of fans and the prospects for professionals and dance businesses. A .DANCE domain offers these amateurs and professionals the perfect place for a social shindig. Many hours of blood, sweat and tears go into perfecting their art, so it is natural to want to share their moves with the largest possible audience.

A .DANCE Domain Name:

is a simple step online for anyone interested in dance
extends your self-expression into a branded web address
is a low-cost way to be discovered online
adds a professional sheen to the art form
brings the dance community together and raises your profile in that community
reveals your passion

Dancers and dance related business can now improve marketing ROI and generate more business by owning a domain name ending .DANCE - the official domain categories dancers.

Live for Dance: Express yourself and your passions with .DANCE

URL and email forwarding, Domain Name Theft Protection service, Dynamic DNS support and more included at no extra charge.

Your new online dance identity

Premium Domains


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International cities:,,, tokyo. dance


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Genres, ethnicities and cultures:,,,,,


Dance like everyone's watching: Your passion has a new address - .DANCE.


Put your best foot forward: Showcase your teaching talent with a .DANCE domain.


Step-up your business: Make sure your studio cuts a rug online with a .DANCE domain.


Live for Dance: Express yourself and your passions with .DANCE.

What sets the .DANCE market apart:

Dancers are passionate and enthusiastic about sharing their talent with the world - and in turn, their audience is eager to re-share this content with their contacts.
Dynamic web addresses for dancers

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