Restaurants and bars now have their own domain name endings.

Tell the world you are a bar or restaurant or show the world exactly who and what you are - a restaurant or a bar. These great new names make the internet easier and more efficient for your potential customers to navigate. For instance, the domain name could apply to anything from a dentist to a dry cleaner. However, instantly tells Internet users that this is a place where they can get an after work drink. Only speaking, .bar and .rest domains are the ideal online branding tool for your business. Better yet they're able to capture a receptive audience for your website and your business better than any other domain.

Plus, they're global:

  • Bar is a universal term recognized by billions of people worldwide
  • Rest is the abbreviation of the word restaurant in over 20 languages spoken by more than 50 countries. This abbreviation model works just like the world's most familiar and fruitful domains
  • They are short, memorable and easy to pronounce, spell and type into mobile devices or social media updates

Securing your .bar and .rest domains today will ensure:

  • Brand protection from others wishing to acquire your name and drive traffic away from your website
  • Broader online reach globally
  • Higher probability of being found by qualified internet users and converting them into customers
  • A place for your brand at the forefront of new internet technology, just like the world's leading brands
  • A wide open pool of names from which to choose, including keyword domains such as and that can be used to drive traffic to your branded URL

Get a .BAR & .REST web address.

As a bar or restaurant-related business, you can now improve your marketing ROI and generate more business by owning a domain name ending .bar or .rest - the official domain categories for bars and restaurants.


The Market

  • 19.5 million restaurants & bars worldwide
  • Individuals own more than 60% of restaurants, so they will each need their own .bar or .rest domain. That is over 11 million!
  • 6 out of 10 people regularly use the internet to research bars and restaurants
  • Over 70% of existing restaurants plan to use the internet to attract more customers, meaning, even more, domain names will be needed.
SOURCE: CentralNic

Search Statistics

  • More than 12 million searches are performed monthly for the terms "bar" and "rest"
  • More than 190,000 active domain names exist containing the word "bar"
  • More than 140,000 active domain names exist containing the term "rest"
SOURCE: CentralNic

the simple facts

  • easy to: type, spell, remember, pronounce, and recognize
  • market size of 20 million restaurants & bars worldwide
  • known by billions of people across the world
  • now open for registration to the general public
SOURCE: CentralNic

Other DOTS of interest

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