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Your email address connected to your domain name posts to the WHOIS database and is out there for everyone to find. Stop spammers, and scammers by hiding your personal data from the public with ID Protect today.

What is ID Protect?

ID Protect is a service that keeps your personal information from being seen openly in the global WHOIS database. This database is habitually used by spammers and data miners to attack exposed people with unsolicited, unwanted advertisements and scams.

Use ID Protect on domain registrations from one of the following TLDs: COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ, PRO, CM, CC, ME, TV, ASIA

Why is ID Protect necessary for every domain I register?

Domain name registrations require you to have accurate contact information (WHOIS data) associated with it in the WHOIS database. Data miners crawl this globally available database for this data and sell it to advertising agencies and marketing firms, which results in both spam and junk mail to your home. ID Protect hides your actual contact information and stores it in a secure location, protecting your private information without risking the suspension of the domain's registration.

How does ID Protect work?

ID Protect takes your vulnerable, private information and shields it from the community so that they only see the anonymous information.

What benefits does ID Protect provide?

Do not allow other WHOIS masking products to falsify your WHOIS account which can cause danger to your domain registration. ID Protect secures your confidential information by storing it in a trusted 3rd party data vault and is entirely compliant with The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) [ICANN is the ruling body of Internet rules and regulations].

ID Protect shields legitimate email addresses, forwards to your real email address but keeps spammers and data miners away. Lacking ID Protect, anyone can find your personal contact information including your home address. ID Protect hides this information while shielding your address from getting into the wrong hands.

Have you noticed your inbox is overflowing with more rubbish these days?

At any time you register a domain name, your confidential information is very open to the public. Each domain you register is in a globally public WHOIS record of contact data which includes your name, home address, phone number, and email address. Spammers, scammers, botnets, data miners and advertising agencies regularly scan this database and add you to their spam lists.

At hand is only one way to make sure you are not on these lists! Get ID Protect for every domain name you register. ID Protect hides your confidential information, so spammers will not be able to reach you!

Register or transfer your domain with iGateway MS and get ID Protect now for only $6 a year and never be concerned about your registration information falling into the wrong hands again.