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Data Protection
Disaster Recovery Plans

We understand that data is the lifeblood of companies today and organizations increasingly require 100% uptime, where data is constantly online and accessible. We have therefore implemented reliable solutions that allow you to protect your data in the unfortunate event of hardware or software malfunction, system failure, human error, software corruption, computer viruses and malware and the result of natural disasters.

iGateway MS uses RAID technology for advanced data protection and disaster recovery services. iGateway MS provides this service as part of all website hosting plans. Check out the options and features available with our Business Services.

Features Included

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RAID Technology - We use cutting-edge RAID Hardware to protect all data on the server against hard-disk failures. RAID, commonly known as redundant array of independent disks, is a data storage visualization technology that combines multiple disk drive components into an array for data redundancy or performance improvement. This technology works by creating a mirror of all data on more than one hard drive automatically, without any delay. All data is written to multiple hard drives simultaneously so that if any hard drive fails, RAID technology preserves the data and marks the failed drive as deactivated while the system still continues to function as though nothing has happened by using copies of the data on the other hard disk(s).

RAID systems offer a significant advantage over non-RAID systems. The advantage is data protection and ability to maintain 100% uptime, in the event of a drive failure, the system continues to function perfectly. RAID technology also improves the performance of a variety of services on the server.

When a drive fails, announcement alerts go out, so that the system administrators can replace the failed hard drive. As such, the system continues to perform regularly despite drive failures, using the mirror of the data on the additional hard-disk(s).

The best part is that you are not required to make any changes or special code modifications in your website or web applications for this technology to function.

Daily & Weekly Server Backups - The process of backing up, refers to the copying and archiving of computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. With backups, relevant data stores in a range of locations on a server. Our subject-matter experts conduct thorough research and prepare complex scripts that automatically preserve copies of all critical data at regular intervals, such that we can restore a server in the shortest available time in the experience of a total malfunction.

Your Very Own Backup Policy Manager (Only Applicable for Web Hosting Packages) - A backup is a copy of your website’s files, directories, databases, and email configurations. Keeping a backup copy of your site on your personal computer is a wise precaution for many reasons, including possible data corruption and computer failure.

All our services involve your critical data. Most of our products have a built-in Backup Manager that provides comprehensive and profitable protection by allowing you to define flexible backup policies that will protect your critical data. A web-based backup system manager provides an easy-to-use one-step wizard for defining the backup scope, backup frequency and backlogs.

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