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Advance your business and drive traffic to your website

Promote Your Business Online w/ WHOIS Business Listings

Increase visibility and improve website traffic using Business Listing

Promote your Business Listing to 1.6 million daily searches! Business Listing allows you to modify and market your site through your WHOIS information - the required domain name registration information. Now you can add contact information, hours of operation, domains for sale, blogs, and more!

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Business Listing gives you the ability to tailor your WHOIS information and show your site at

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Visible through major search engines
  • Select from 4 customizable templates or choose to build your own
  • Easily manage 1 or multiple domains
  • Whois results display your custom information
  • Add ID protect for ultimate Whois control
Whois Business Listing
Promote Your Business Online! Reach millions of potential customers with a WHOIS Business Listing! Most of the online directories charge customers $75 a month or more for similar solutions while iGateway MS is less than $100 per year. With Business Listing, you have a cost-effective marketing solution to help boost your online visibility and drive traffic to your website.

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Business Listing Frequently Asked Questions

What does Business Listing illustrate that is unlike the regular Whois?

A WHOIS business listing allows you to write whatever is essential about your domain name, website, blog or business that viewers do not find in the Whois. For instance, you could let people know that a domain is for sale, post hours of operation or list various domain names that your business uses. The standard Whois only presents the contact information of those in charge of the domain name, e.g. administrative contacts.

Is there a difference between WHOIS Business Listings and ID Protection?

Yes! ID Protect keeps domain holder information private to protect from scammers, spammers and other less than desirable viewers. Business Listing allows you to have information about your company, industry or field of expertise that is not typically existing in the Whois database.

Is it possible to have ID Protect and Business Listing at the same time?

Yes! Business Listing allows you to enter data about your company, domain name, website or blog that is not obtainable in the Whois database required by ICANN. ID Protect ensures the domain owner and manager's contact information is not visible to scammers, spammers or other undesirable contacts.

What is the Business Listing Directory?

Every domain name that has a Business Listing will automatically place in the Business Listing Directory at It is a fact list website that is intended to help boost visibility to your Business Listing. When web surfers use the search engines to look up information connected to your company, the search results will return your Business Listing. Also, it works as a directory for searchers to access your Business Listing directly.

How does having Business Listing in the Whois help?

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Visible through major search engines
  • Easily manage one or multiple domains
  • Results display your custom information
  • Map your location

Can search engines access this information in the Whois?

Yes. Search engines often "crawl" a Whois database for as much information as they can find about a domain. Business Listing may show the information you have posted in your Business Listing along with your domains. The Whois results will be of assistance to improve the relevancy of the information about your business along with the domain name.

Are all domain extensions available for Business Listing?

Business Listing is only available for TLDs in general availability.

What should I do if I want to hide the information in my Business Listing?

You can hide the Business Listing results that are displayed in the Whois and at by going into your domain control panel and selecting the Business Listing to be not visible.