Recently, Domain Name Wire posted " New TLDs are not moving the needle," where CEO David Brown was asked about new top level domain names. "be positive, but we’re not doing back flips here. It’s not that positive." This sounds quite dismal, but the fact of the matter is new Top Level Domains are here to stay.

In no doubt .COM and .NET are still powerful tools to maintain on the web and an easy sell for the registries, but getting a hold of your desired domain name does not mean immediate success for individuals and small business. You still have to promote it, and it is sometimes hard to acquire your desired domain name at all.

.COM is used for virtually any commercial website and is accepted as the standard for TLDs while .NET is used when the name you want is not available in .com. .NET was originally intended for organizations involved in networking technologies, such as Internet service providers (ISP) and other infrastructure companies.

Now being of neither a commercial entity or a network provider, new top level domains make it easier for you to find the perfect domain name in your niche. Maybe you run a blog that covers everything you like from A to Z, why not grab up yourdomain.BLOG? Even yourdomain.XYZ...

Say you are a photographer producing stunning photographs, more than likely your name is taken already for yourdomain.COM so why not use yourname.PHOTOGRAPHY or yourname.PHOTOS. Even .PICTURES is a choice. How common is the name Brian Smith for instance? Google it, and I bet that Brian Smith the Photographer is up first.

It is time for a change; time to tell our stories with the domains of our choosing, no longer limited to commercial, besides, who likes ads. It is time to say and others that we will move that needle onwards and upwards. Tell the SERPs we exist here on the web for all to see. We have worked long and hard, and it is time to reveal our true potential online. Join us on our journey; we are NINJA in our stories.

Begin your search for that perfect domain. Start today!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

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