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IGMS simply put is short for internet gateway management systems.

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Customer Service You Can Depend On

Responsive Customer Service like no other. That is why our customer service is to provide the best domain names, web hosting, and website design with confidence.

Quality Services is Job One!

Our business runs with high service quality that will meet customer needs while we remain economically competitive. iGateway MS achieves this aim by understanding and improving operational processes; identifying problems quickly and systematically; establishing valid and reliable service performance measures as well as measuring customer satisfaction and other performance outcomes.

To ensure and increase the 'conformance quality' of our services, that is, service delivery happening as designed, various methods are available. Some of these include Guaranteeing; Mystery Shopping; Recovering; Setting standards and measuring; Statistical process control; Customer involvement and Testing.

Customer Service and Hosting Guarantee

Choosing a reliable partner to host your website is essential to your site's success.

Therefore you chose iGateway MS as your hosting partner that offers a reliable service with excellent uptime; which sources servers throughout the USA, so site performance is always great; who treats security with the importance it deserves and who is there to offer you support when you need it. At iGateway MS, we pride ourselves on reliability and provide the following guarantees for your peace of mind.

At iGatewayMS, we perform our due diligence and operate with proper, prudent risk management to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction includes fast, friendly, reliable and secure services backed by exceptional customer service support and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Web Hosting w/ Confidence

By providing service guarantees, iGateway MS is forced to focus on customers' wants and expectation in every aspect of the service. The IGMS guarantee establishes clear standards which create a standard image of what the company stands for in both customers and partners mind. Management is motivated to seriously concern service guarantees because they emphasize the financial expenditure of quality failures. With service guarantees, Internet Gateway Management Systems is required to build effective systems to generate meaningful customer feedback and develop similar courses of action.

With the IGMS service guarantees, we have an obligation to create efficient systems to produce useful customer feedback and develop similar courses of action.
Guarantees help customers to reduce risk in making purchase decisions and to reinforce their long-term loyalty with us.

For our clients, service guarantees play a significant role in alleviating perceived risks of the purchase. The guarantees also facilitate more ease and more likelihood for customers to complain since they expect the front-line staff to be ready with resolutions and appropriate compensations. From companies' perspectives, Designing the guarantee made us understand what made clients satisfied, rather than what we thought made them satisfied.

Service quality is an achievement in customer service.